Home of the OMG cake™!

Take a bite into the rich, chocolatey goodness of this cake and you’ll murmur the words, “Oh my God!” without even realizing it.

We keep it simple.

Our original OMG cake is made with five ingredients: chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, & espresso.

No flour. No leavening agents. Pure decadence.

Our cakes are hand-crafted and shipped nation-wide, normally arriving at your home within 10 days of placing your order.

Our cakes arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag. If you choose, you may place any of our sealed cakes in the freezer for up to 2 months. They will taste as amazing as the day they came out of the oven.

Thank you for your order. We look forward to you enjoying our little slice of heaven.

While the OMG cake is gluten-free, cakes are made in a kitchen filled with nuts, flour and other allergens. I am required by law to mention that.