Cake Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the OMG cake. We are confident that you’ll enjoy it and would like to share a couple of quick instructions for the care and preparation of this special dessert.

Our original recipe is a flourless, chocolate-espresso cake. It contains 5 ingredients, carefully blended to provide it’s unique flavor, and mixed to insure a texture that is fudgey and light at the same time. The cake is gluten-free.

Your cake freezes really well and can be cut, re-wrapped and successfully re-frozen. This is an immensely versatile dessert! It fits nicely in a 1 gallon Ziplock bag.

the OMG cake serves 16. While it is great on its own, we recommend serving it with some kind of sauce or ice cream.

Instructions for serving your dessert:

  • Take the cake out of the freezer 3 hours before serving.
  • Use the baggie filled with Confectioner’s sugar to decorate your cake if the sugar has smudged or evaporated due to condensation during shipping. Place the sugar in a small sieve and sprinkle it over the cake.
  • While it’s still cool, peel the paper “pan” away from the sides of the cake. Remember, there IS a bottom too!
  • Slice the cake with a HOT KNIFE and wipe it after each cut. The colder the cake, the easier to slice. The consistency of the cake is very fudgy, so the closer to room temperature it is, the more difficult it might be to cut.
  • Serve the cake when it is luke-cool or room temperature.

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