Freezing Instructions

the OMG cake freezes beautifully. When it comes to you, it’s vacuum-sealed and can be placed immediately in the freezer, without effect, for up to 2 months. As a matter of fact, if you have left over cake, you can put it into a freezer bag and just slice off the amount you want and put it back in the freezer.

However, once it’s frozen and you want to serve it, simply take it out of the freezer, and take it out of the bag it’s in, to defrost.  It is easiest and less messy to cut when it is cold (not frozen), so if you plan on eating it for dessert at 7:30, it’ll want to be out of the freezer by 4:30.

This cake has a fudgey center, so it’s best to cut it with a hot knife.  Fill a pitcher with hot water and dip a long carving knife in, wipe with a clean cloth and make a cut in the cake. Repeat.

Cut the cake in half. Turn 90 degrees and cut in half again. (4 quarters)

Cut each quarter in half and then half again, resulting in 16 pieces. Even if you aren’t serving all 16 pieces at once, this is the simplest way to cut the cake and then refreeze… it’s cut and ready to be served within minutes, in your most desperate chocolate-craving moment. 🙂