the OMG cake kit


Everything you need to make the OMG cake at home. Cake mix, cake pan and cake box for gifting included.



Available only during the Holiday season, this OMG cake kit comes with everything you need to be a master OMG cake-maker.  The cake mix is vacuum-sealed for freshness. Just add your own butter and eggs.  The directions are simple and easy.  The disposable baking pan means that you’ve got the perfectly sized pan for the cake you’re making.  No parchment paper, no complicated cooking equipment.

With two bowls, a whisk and a stove, you can make your own delicious OMG cake to serve at your party.


You can give this gift to anyone who loves to cook.

Kit includes:

Baking Mix

French-made Paper Cake Pan

Cake Box

Instructions for making cake

Additional information


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